Set Up: Split the team in to two groups. Mark the leading edge of the abyss (the start) with two carpets of different colors (red and green), mark the other edge of the abyss (the end) with two more carpets that are the same colors but switch the sides they are set on (green and red). The distance from one edge of the abyss to the other should be the same number of paces as there are participants, ex. For a group of 20 people the abyss would be 20 paces across. Have one group start and end on the red carpets and the other on the green ones. Give all but one person from each group a carpet square.


Description: The team has to get across the abyss by standing on the carpets, the carpets do not fly or scoot they can only support weight. If a carpet is ever left untouched it disappears, leaving even fewer carpets.


Purpose: A high level of team work is required. Will both groups come together as one team to help each other?


Debrief: What had to take place for this to work? What decisions were made as a team? How does this relate to your life? (What about working together as one group or did the two groups treat this as a race? Just because people are in different groups it does not mean that they have to compete. For example, the youth group from the Nazarene Church and the youth group from the Baptist Church are both trying to bring other young people to Christ they could find ways to work toward that goal cooperatively instead of competitively.)