Q. What do we need to bring to camp?

A. Bible, swimming suit, bed linens, towels, toiletry items, flashlight, hiking or tennis shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, jacket, umbrella, and a camera (just a few suggestions).

Q. What is not allowed at camp?

A. Alcohol, clothing with vulgar or offensive graphics, recreational/illegal drugs, tobacco products, two piece bathing suits, and fireworks.

Q. Is there a minimum and/or maximum number of people we can bring in our group?

A. Bonita Park currently hosts groups with at least a minimum of 15 guests, and can host groups of up to 400 campers. However, Bonita Park is currently working to add more beds, as well as varieties of lodging. So, if your group is greater than 400, give us a call so we can check availability for you!

Q. What if I don't meet my minimum number once I sign a contract?

A. By signing your contract, you guarantee to bring and/or pay for a minimum number of people. If you know that your numbers are low and you will not meet the minimum, call the Camp Office and we will try to help in any way we can. 

Q. What if more people sign up for my event than I anticipated?

A. Wonderful! Please call and let us know so we can reserve additional lodging for your group.

Q. What is your camper/counselor ratio?

A. We require all groups to have 1 counselor for every 10 campers.

Q. Do you have set rules or guidelines that each camper must follow?


Q. How do I decide which lodging I want?

A. Our guest services team will work with you to find the lodging most appropriate for your group.

Q. Are we expected to clean our rooms at the end of camp?

A. Our housekeeping staff will take care of the cleaning. However, we do ask that you pick up all of your group's trash (inside buildings and out) before leaving the grounds.

Q. Do your rooms have heating?

A. All of our lodging has heating during the fall/winter months.

Q. What are the arrival and departure times?

A. During our summer season, arrival time is 3:00pm and departure time is 8:00am. During other seasons, arrival and departure times can be flexible - please talk with our guest services team to find out what times will be most convenient for your group.

Q. Can we cook our own meals?

A. We do not have cooking facilities in any of our lodging. As a part of your package deal, Bonita Park provides 3 delicious meals a day!

Q. What times do you serve meals?

A. Breakfast is served at 8:00 am (Thanksgiving through Easter we offer a 7:30 am option so our guests can make it up the ski slopes in time for the lift lines to open. Please arrange early breakfast times with our guest services team at least two weeks before arrival). Lunch is served at 12:00 pm and dinner is served at 5:30 pm.

Q. What if I have food allergies?

A. Please let Bonita Park know at least 2 weeks before your arrival so arrangements can be made.

Q. How do I plan activities?

A. Bonita Park provides many activities that your group can participate in during your retreats free-time. Our guest services team can help you fill your retreat agenda with the best activity schedule for your group.

Q. Do you provide staff to run the activities?

A. Yes, we have qualified, trained staff to run all activities for you, keep you safe and make sure your group has a wonderful time. We do require adult sponsors at each activity when opened.

Q. Is activity equipment provided?

A. Yes. We provide all equipment needed to participate in any of our activities. We also offer any equipment needed for our groups to use on non-staffed activities when activities are not scheduled to be opened. Feel free to check with the office to borrow those balls or Frisbees.

Q. Do you have bears?

A. At this time we have not had any bear sightings on the camp since 2012. We do have wild horses that come to visit and lots of deer. 

Q. Can boys/girls swim at the same time?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a lifeguard?

A. Yes, we will provide a certified lifeguard. A lifeguard is required to be present while guests are swimming. 

Q. Do you have a nurse?

A. No. We ask that each camp provide their own nurse.

Q. Do you have a Camp Store?

A. Yes. We sell necessities (tooth brush, batteries, soap, etc.) as well as shirts, hats, candy, sodas and fun Bonita Park souvenirs.

Q. Can a parent get in touch with their child while they're at camp?

A. If it is an emergency, parents may call the Camp Office at 575-336-4404 and we can take a message. We will give this message to the group leader and they will have the child return the call. 

Q. Can parents send mail to their child at camp?

A. Yes. Please have the child's name, the group name and Bonita Park on the mail. Our mailing address is: 200 Bonita Park Rd, Capitan, NM 88316. Please send mail extra early - our mail can be very slow to arrive.

Q. Can my group volunteer while on a retreat?

A. Many groups like to do a service project as a part of their retreat agenda. Volunteer projects need to be coordinated in advance through Guest Services. If interested, please contact us!

Q. How do I make a donation to the camp?