Bonita Park provides our activities for your group at no additional cost! As your group participates in high ropes, the rockwall, zipline, sand volleyball or competes on the activity fields they will become a more unified group and build relationships. The activities we offer are fun and have spiritual applications - devotions can be provided for many activities. These devotions can be used in the evening services or by counselors during share time.

Staffed Activities

Many of Bonita Park's activities are facilitated by our activities staff members. Staffed activities can be scheduled through our guest services team who will work with you to find the best fit for your groups other schedule needs. 

Activities are available based on safety, weather, and seasonal limitations

  • Zipline

    Conquer your fear of heights as you climb a 47 foot ladder, step off the tower and fly through the air on a 500 foot zipline - our trained staff are waiting to catch you at the other end.

  • Rock wall

    Bonita Park has a world class climbing wall located in our Events Center atrium. There are many unique top rope routes as well as a bouldering section. Our climbing wall is the fourth largest in the state of New Mexico!

  • Leap of Faith

    Our Leap of Faith has become one of the most popular activities at Bonita Park. Climb up the ladder and jump out to grab hold of a trapeze bar or punching bag and be lowered to the ground gently by an automated belay system.

    Check out this video if you're having trouble picturing it VIDEO circleaddme

  • High Ropes

    Traverse from tree to tree on our outdoor high ropes course. Build your courage by completing our three unique elements.

  • Sky TraiL®

    Test your grit on our newest activity – the Sky Trail®! This is an outdoor, aerial adventure ropes course that features various rope, bridge, beam, ladder and step elements that are sure to challenge and excite. With the ability to have numerous participants on the course at one time, this activity is ideal for even our largest groups.

  • Archery Tag

    Team up and shoot foam-tipped arrows at your friends in our Archery Tag arena. Similar to dodgeball rules, if you get hit you’re out—last team standing wins.

  • Challenge Course

    Meet your personal and group goals through a series of elements while you cross an acid sea, walk through a maze, or navigate a minefield in our challenge course. Challenge course is great for team building.


    Rappelling is a technical mountaineering skill that involves a controlled descent of a vertical drop on climbing rope. If that sounds very technical and challenging it's because it is! Don't worry though, our trained staff will walk you through each step.  

  • CampFire

    Enjoy the cool mountain air as you sit around a crackling campfire. Bonita Park has three unique fire pits, one which can host a large group and two that have a more intimate forested atmosphere.

    + campfires are not fully staffed activities but we will have a staff member light and extinguish your camp fire.

Watch our webcam

To see some of our activities in action watch our live feed of the Events Center Rock Wall and Leap of Faith

un-staffed activities

Bonita Park also has a variety of activities which do not require Bonita Park staff. Enjoy our indoor pool, our great sand volleyball court, or several other features.

 + Activities are available based on safety, weather, and seasonal limitations

  • Indoor pool & spa

    Summer groups and ski retreats alike can enjoy our heated indoor pool and hot tub. 

  • Sand volleyball

    Enjoy a game of volleyball and some time in the sun on our newly renovated sand volleyball court. Volleyballs are available to borrow in the camp office.

  • Disc golf

    Explore Bonita Park by playing Disc Golf! 9 holes with three different tee variations weave through the lower part of the campgrounds. Discs are available to borrow from the camp office. View Course Map

  • Mini Golf

    Bonita Park is home to an 18 hole mini golf course. Keep score for competition or play a round just for fun. There are a variety of moderate and challenging holes to play. 

  • Hiking

    Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forest on our nature trail. 

  • Gym

    Our Events Center has our huge rock wall and leap of faith, but if you want to go in and play basketball or volleyball, be our guest! We offer our gym side of the building, unstaffed, and you can use it however you'd like. Just let the office know and we can schedule you some time.

Book a Camp or Retreat

Our guest services team would love to talk with you about how to help you bring a group to Bonita Park.