Meet our Staff

The staff of Bonita Park is comprised of individuals who care deeply about making our guest experiences the best they can be. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our office to speak with them. You can contact the office at

our Directors

Meet each of our Directors and find out more about which departments they run.

  • CAMP Director


  • Brenda Garber | DEVELOPMENT Director/ HR

    Brenda continues to care for Bonita Park staff and is also passionate about loving the people she has grown to love through the years as she has served the camp. She sees their hearts and shares in their stories. She has also watched them lead by their Godly examples in supporting  the great heritage and legacy of Bonita Park. Brenda will also be working to establish new relationships, reaching across generational lines to those who love camp and want to affect change for future campers whose lives will be impacted for eternity!

  • jonathan hobbs | Food services DIRECTOR

    Jonathan has been employed at Bonita Park for several years and has had responsibilities in many areas of the camp. However, one of his favorite places remains the kitchen. He enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. As Food Service Director, Jonathan will oversee the Kitchen and Snack Shack and will manage staff as well as ordering food and creating menus.  To quote Jonathan, “Where there is good food, there is good fellowship and I believe that is important to ministry and discipleship.”

  • Shelly Jones | Guest Services Director

    Shelly is responsible for running our guest services department. She makes sure that we run smoothly in all things guest related. She instantly feels like a friend when you meet her.

  • Paul Garber | Facilities/Grounds Director

    Paul is responsible for maintaining the grounds, and keeping up with all of our facilities. He is the go to man when there is a broken pipe, a fallen tree, or an exciting project to get done. He makes sure that all of our guests have a comfortable stay.

  • Phil Jones | activities DIRECTOR

    Phil is our Activities Director and oversees the Activities staff and all activities that guests enter into while at camp. Phil loves serving Jesus and people!

  • matt west | community life DIRECTOR

    Matt is an Ordained Pastor in the Church of the Nazarene and oversees the spiritual care of our staff, volunteers, residential community, and guests. He is also responsible for the community life of the camp. He loves helping provide an atmosphere for people of all ages to experience Christ at Bonita Park.

2022 Summer Staff