Meet our staff

The staff of Bonita Park is comprised of individuals who care deeply about making our guest experiences the best they can be. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our office to speak with them. You can contact the office at

  • STAN YOCOM | Operations DIRECTOR

    Stan is responsible for the operation of all of Bonita Park's facilities, Stan keeps up with all maintenance needs and helps make your stay at Bonita park a comfortable one.

  • Lauren Frazier | guest services director

    Lauren's goal is to develop a relationship with you to fulfill your needs as a leader in providing a positive and memorable retreat experience for your group.

  • Connor Bryan | Co-Executive/Activities Director

    Connor is responsible for the safety and facilitation of all Bonita Park activities and over all operations of the camp. Connor works through a great team of paid staff and volunteers to help insure your stay at Bonita Park is all God intends for your group.

  • KAYLEE BRYAN | Food services DIRECTOR

    Kaylee is responsible for making sure that each guest is fed a hearty and delicious meal providing energy to participate in all aspects of their retreat.

  • Brenda Garber | Co-executive/HR Director

    Brenda is responsible for the overall operations of Bonita Park, meeting each of Bonita Park's employee needs, as well as accounting for all of Bonita Park's funds. Bonita Park desires to be held accountable in every avenue of the ministry and to be responsible to all donors in utilizing their gifts with integrity.